The House of Delegates passed our reworked biennial budget this past Tuesday. Read more about this major development in the 52nd district October newsletter or see news coverage.

Legislative Progress

On Friday the House of Delegates had a full day of voting in virtual session. Some notable bills that received final approval Friday:

  • HB5046 from Delegate Dawn Adams extends health insurance coverage for telemedicine services.
  • HB5106 from Delegate Josh Cole protects tenants impacted by COVID-19 by prohibiting landlords from sharing negative credit information incurred during the pandemic.
  • SB5024 from Senator Louise Lucas authorizes the Attorney General to file civil suit or inquire into patterns of misconduct by local law enforcement.

Budget Updates: What’s Next

At this time the House of Delegates and Senate have each passed our respective budget bills, which are similar to each other but contain several important differences. Now, the House and Senate will vote on the other chamber’s version of the budget before they are sent into “conference committee.” In conference committee, a group of legislators from both chambers will be tasked with working out the bills’ differences. When the committee can agree upon one unified budget, that will be reported to the House and Senate for a final vote. So, if there is any part of our budget that you are especially happy with – or want to see changed – you can continue to advocate for your priorities through the conference process.

Please reach out to my office with any questions or concerns regarding Special Session or any other matters we can assist with.