The General Assembly session is picking up steam. I presented five bills before House subcommittees this week, four of which passed unanimously.

House Bill 822, which will modernize the Town of Occoquan’s charter and bring its local elections in line with the rest of Virginia, was reported out of a Counties, Cities, and Towns subcommittee on Friday.

House Bills 814, 815, and 820 would each uplift small, women- and minority-owned businesses in the Commonwealth by: requiring the Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD) to conduct a disparity study every five years (HB820); setting up a business mentorship program (HB815); and directing SBSD to review state agencies’ plans for enhancing procurement from women- and minority-owned contractors. These three bills were reported out of a General Laws subcommittee on Thursday.

Also on Thursday, a Public Safety subcommittee unfortunately failed to report House Bill 1142, which would have improved my 2020 Community Policing Act, on a party-line vote.

CASA in Richmond

CASA, the largest grassroots immigrant advocacy organization in the Mid-Atlantic region, visited the General Assembly for its annual lobby day this week. I was delighted to introduce CASA members and welcome them to the House. Watch the introduction below.

Budget Day

On Wednesday, members of the House of Delegates presented their submitted amendments to former Governor Northam’s outgoing budget proposal before the House Appropriations Committee.

Around 880 budget amendments were proposed by members of the House. Now, the Appropriations Committee will consider whether or not to adopt these amendments before reporting an updated budget in late February.

New Bill

This week I introduced a new housing rights bill (HB1338) requiring that notification be given to a deceased person’s heirs at least 75 days prior to the proposed sale of the deceased’s property in execution of a deed of trust. The bill also expands the type of information that must be included in a foreclosure notice provided to a property owner.

COVID Test Kits

Prince William County Government is distributing free, at-home COVID test kits at 11 of its open library branches starting Monday, January 31, until Wednesday, February 2, from 10am-noon, while supplies last. Visit for more information and daily updates.

If you have any questions or comments about the General Assembly Session, please reach out to my office at or 703-785-2224.