As we enter the second month of the 2024 General Assembly session, we are quickly ramping up committee and sub-committee meetings. This week, groups from Southwest Virginia, the Virginia Parks, the Virginia Municipal League, and the Virginia Association of Counties visited the capital to speak to members about issues impacting them.

2024 Legislation

On Wednesday, my bills (House Bill 711, 712, and 715) passed the House Appropriations Committee unanimously and are now headed to the House floor for a full vote next week.

  • HB711 – Authorizes the issuance of non-general fund revenue bonds in an amount up to $124,285,000 for revenue-producing capital projects at James Madison University, Virginia State University, and the College of William and Mary.
  • HB712 – Modifies the requirements for the six-year financial plan submitted by the Governor to the General Assembly by requiring that the plan, still to be submitted only in even-numbered years, now includes a report on the balance between projected revenues and expenditures within each biennium.
  • HB715 – Provides an annual technical update to the state’s six-year Capital Outlay Improvement Plan.

This week, I also signed on as a Chief Co-Patron to House Bills 736 and 1404.

House Bill 736 (Delegate Briana Sewell), creates the Veterans’ Service Protection Act to prohibit any person from receiving compensation for preparing, presenting, prosecuting, advising, consulting, or assisting any individual regarding any veterans’ benefits matter except as permitted under federal law. This bill has gone through its second read on the House floor as of Friday and will be up for a final vote on Monday.

House Bill 1404 (Delegate Jeion Ward), establishes the Small Business Procurement Enhancement Program and the Women-owned and Minority-owned Business Procurement Enhancement Program. Last week, I rolled my bill (HB716) into this bill. It has passed the Committee on Rules and is awaiting a hearing in the Appropriations Committee.

Session Update

This week, I chaired the Rules Sub-committee on Studies. We heard from members and the public about important issues impacting the Commonwealth. We voted on studies that will examine the impact of gun violence on communities, require the Department of Corrections to report on behavioral health services to persons incarcerated in state correctional facilities, and establish a joint committee on fair school funding reform.

Delegate Torian chairing the Rules Sub-committee on Studies

Constituent Corner

This week, my team and I met with the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Blue Ridge PBS members, the Virginia Higher Education Business Council, the Hampton Roads Workforce Council, and students from Old Dominion University, to name a few of the great groups to stop by this week. 

Delegate Luke Torian meeting with Major General Wins of the Virginia Military Institute
Delegate Luke Torian meeting with President Danilowicz of Radford University
Delegate Luke Torian and Delegate Briana Sewell meeting with members of the Virginia Parks Association

If you have any questions or comments about the General Assembly Session, please get in touch with my office at or 703-785-2224.