Update from Special Session Week 9

The General Assembly passed its reworked biennial budget this week. On Wednesday House Bill 5005, the budget bill, was officially sent into “conference committee” before a funding package reconciling any differences between the House and Senate spending plans could be...

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52nd District October Newsletter

Special Session 2020 is continuing into October; read about our progress below and find all my weekly updates from Special Session at Meanwhile, it’s a great time to vote early! The General Assembly has passed a...

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House of Delegates Passes Budget

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Reworked biennial budget funds criminal justice reform; education and health care priorities RICHMOND, VA – On Tuesday the Virginia House of Delegates passed House Bill 5005 by a vote of 58-40. House Appropriations Chair Luke Torian issued the...

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Update from Special Session Week 5

It is now the “crossover” period, when the House and Senate vote on the other chamber’s bills and the work of Special Session is almost finalized. Unfortunately, the Senate voted down or significantly altered positive legislation passed by the House, such as paid...

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Happy Labor Day

Labor Day recognizes the contributions and achievements of working people. The holiday originated during a dark time for America’s labor movement; during the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s, American workers organized to fight for fair wages and humane...

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